Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wild Goose Chase

In November of 2006 I came across a book entitled "In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day" by Mark Batterson, it rocked my world and Scott's. We were leading a great church; in fact we had just been recognized as one the "healthiest churches" in the world by Purpose Driven. In the eyes of the world, most would say we had reached the pinnacle, but God used "In a Pit" to help us realize there were lions to be chased! We left everything of comfort and moved half way across the US to plant a new church and chase the lion! Thanks Mark.

Now, he's back again, Mark that is, with a new book entitled "Wild Goose Chase – Reclaim the Adventure of Pursuing God"

I was fortunate to receive an advance copy within the past couple of days and I love it!

Here are few highlights of what I've read so far:

  • "Celtic Christians had a name for the Holy Spirit–An Geadh-Glas, or 'the Wild Goose.' The name hints at mystery. Much like a wild goose, the Spirit of God cannot be tracked or tamed. An element of danger, an air of unpredictability surround Him. And while the name may sound a little sacrilegious, I cannot think of a better description of what it's like to follow the Spirit through life. I think the Celtic Christians were on to something….


  • Most of us will have no idea where we are going most of the time. And I know that is unsettling. But circumstantial uncertainty also goes by another name: Adventure."


  • "He will take you places you never could have imagined going by paths you never knew existed."


  • "I wonder if churches do to people what zoos do to animals."


  • "Jesus died to make us dangerous."

If you are comfortable you DO NOT want to read this book, but YOU HAVE TO!

Check out the site www.chasethegoose.com

Or get your copy from: www.amazon.com; www.barnesandnoble.com; www.borders.com; www.cbd.com; www.familychristian.com; www.parable.com

Mark Batterson is the lead pastor of Washington, DC's National Community Church, widely recognized as one of America's most innovative churches. NCC meets in movie theaters at metro stops throughout the city, as well as in a church-owned coffee house near Union Station. More than seventy percent of NCC'ers are single twentysomethings who live or work on Capitol Hill. Mark is the author of the best-selling In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day and a widely read blogger (www.markbatterson.com). He lives on Capitol Hill with his wife, Lora, and their three children.

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danamj79 said...

This sounds exciting! I love the quotes you posted, thank you for adding to my shopping list...