Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How come…

How come… if you are a parent of multiple children you've heard this until you probably want to throw up, right? How come he gets to do that? How come he doesn't get punished like this?

Well, that's my question.

As I was reading in the 6th chapter of 1 Samuel and I wondered why didn't the Philisitines die while moving the Ark? Uzzah died when he touched the Ark while it was being carried on a cart (2 Sam 6:6). How come they didn't?

I think it because of the pattern I am seeing in Scripture – you are responsible for what you know. I think God may permit ignorant unbelievers to get away with things that he will not excuse in a believer who has been taught in His ways.

As a parent my 17 yr old will be disciplined different than my 10 yr old, because he knows better.

Remember 1st Samuel is about teaching a new generation about obedience.

We are a generation of learners and not doers. How many times do you hear the words "I just want to go deeper"? Would we say that if we were held to account for the things we already know but are not doing?

It's my opinion, based on what I read in His word, that we will be!

How come? Because we know better!


kris said...

this is so true! over and over again we see examples of this truth...and really it goes back to the simplicity of what Jesus said "if you love me you will obey my commands" we can't go deeper until we really unwrap this and decide are we really willing or are we just talking..

Lin said...

Well said.