Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Character matters.

That's the thing that jumps out at me when I read 1 Samuel 8.

Look at the way Samuel handled these two situations.

Being confronted about the evil ways of his sons.

Think about how you would respond as a parent, would you be open to hearing criticism of your kids? When finding out the facts about your children's sin, would you start to question your own walk with God? "How can I serve God, I can't even raise my boys right." Or, when confronted would you lash out in anger at those who came to you?

Samuel didn't do any of those, well he did get angry, but it wasn't over his kids, it was over their next request.

"Give us a king like all the other nations have."

The questioning of his leadership.

You have a long ministry of prayer, fasting, teaching and preaching that brought Israel back to God and brought joy and peace. But, like always, they are not content and want to change that.

"We have to be like the 'Jones'. They have a king! We need a king!"

"What didn't I lead you well?" You know in your heart this isn't what God wants and it isn't going to turn out well for them. Can you imagine how frustrated Samuel must be? Then, the fact that they used your son's sins against you, wouldn't that tick you off? How would you respond?

Samuel is angry, but he doesn't lash out at them, he doesn't build his case before the people, he takes it to the Lord.

God appointed him to the office; surely God would tell him if his time was done.

How would you respond?

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