Wednesday, August 6, 2008


When the Ark returned to Israel (1 Samuel 6:13-18), ordinary people
stopped what they were doing and worshipped!

When was the last time we stopped what we were doing to worship God when we felt His presence?

Or is it something we schedule into our lives?

Interesting thing, they carried out the celebration instead of waiting for the official leaders of Israel.

What they didn't wait on the leaders, can you do that?

Of course, this is how things should have been from the beginning, with everyone a worshipper, every head of every family a spiritual leader (Ex 12:3, 13:8) and every first born dedicated to serving God. But here is the issue again; disobedience resulted in the Lord's service becoming the exclusive duty of the Levites (Ex 32:26, 29).

Serving God is not about position, title, education, skills, or status; it's simply about whether or not you are willing to answer the call to obey.

Any idea what the Levites had to do become responsible for the religious ceremonies?

Read Exodus 35:25-29.

Wow, is that a class in seminary or a workshop at a church planter's boot camp?

Leadership is about making decisions other people choose not to make. Leadership in the Kingdom is choosing to follow God even when it doesn't make sense.

Here's the cool thing, since it was the ordinary people worshipping, the Philistines rulers stayed and watched. Can you imagine the impact in had on them to see the how ordinary people stopped what they were doing in their day to day life and worshipped, cherished and honoured God?

When was the last time an unbelieving world saw us do that?

I believe that God is going to do something amazing in the next generation, and he is going to do it through the ordinary. That is why I am a part of a movement to join God as He empowers ordinary people to make a difference together wherever they are.

It starts with loving God enough to answer His call to obey,
will you?

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kris said...

i'm on board!! (just in case you didn't know)...hahha