Friday, August 29, 2008

“I swear” – round 2

Then Saul said to the leaders, "Something's wrong! I want all my army commanders to come here. We must find out what sin was committed today. I vow by the name of the Lord who rescued Israel that the sinner will surely die, even if it is my own son Jonathan!" 1 Sam 14:38-39

Not again! What's the old saying "doing the same thing again and again but expecting different results, is insanity", well Saul is proving it!

As a leader you have to be extremely careful about making hasty vows, because if you cannot keep them you lose integrity.

"This is what the LORD commands: When a man makes a vow to the LORD or takes an oath to obligate himself by a pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said." Num 30:1-2

If you make a vow, it should be binding and the right thing to do is fulfill it, no matter how costly it becomes.

What vows are you not keeping?

When we make ridiculous statements that we have no intentions of keeping, it sure is hard to admit
we were wrong. I think it takes more courage to admit we were wrong than it does to fulfill whatever ridiculous oath we've sworn.

"Or suppose you make a foolish vow of any kind, whether its purpose is for good or for bad. When you realize its foolishness, you must admit your guilt." Lev 5:4

Need to admit any?

Saul was ready to kill his own son because he was more concerned about his image; to admit he acted foolishly would be an embarrassment to a king.

What a contrast between Saul and his son Jonathan. Jonathan admitted what he had done and didn't make any excuses for it. He was prepared to die. He did not argue whether the oath had any validity or point to the victory he had just won. He was prepared to be the scapegoat for his father's stupidity. He was willing to lay his life down for his father's sin, could this be the reason God allowed the people's plea to prevail?

Wow, sure sounds familiar to someone else?

Jesus was willing to die for my stupidity and because of His plea I have life!

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