Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Better than…

A month into Saul's new role as king he faces his first attack. King Nabash of Ammon attacks Jabesh and the citizens ask for peace.

"I will make a treaty with you only on the condition that I gouge out the right eye of every one of you and so bring disgrace on all Israel."

I wonder if that's where we get the saying "better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick"?

"The elders of Jabesh said to him, "Give us seven days…"
1 Sam 11:2-3

And he agreed, why?

I started thinking about this and here is what I've seen. As a new leader you will be tested early and usually by someone whose bark is really loud. They make all kinds of threats, that in most cases they don't intend to carry out.

Leadership is about making decisions; every decision is for something and against something else. You are going to make some people mad and they will make threats. I can't say if I've ever had a threat turn out as bad as they claim, usually most our not willing to carry it out.

That's my opinion on King Nabash, he knew a seige against the walls of Jabesh would take months and he probably wasn't prepared for that.

If you are a leader facing threats, ask God to reveal to you truth, go before you into the battle, and give you the strength and courage to stand firm.

On the other side of this; are you making threats that you're not willing to carry out?

Nabash did that and got his tail kicked!

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