Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Power of the tongue

16 When David finished saying this, Saul asked, "Is that your voice, David my son?" And he wept aloud. 17 "You are more righteous than I," he said. "You have treated me well, but I have treated you badly. 18 You have just now told me of the good you did to me; the LORD delivered me into your hands, but you did not kill me. 19 When a man finds his enemy, does he let him get away unharmed? May the LORD reward you well for the way you treated me today. 20 I know that you will surely be king and that the kingdom of Israel will be established in your hands. 21 Now swear to me by the LORD that you will not cut off my descendants or wipe out my name from my father's family."

 22 So David gave his oath to Saul. Then Saul returned home, but David and his men went up to the stronghold. 1 Samuel 24:16-22

Did you notice the affects of David's words?

Words can inspire or discourage, they can build up or tear down, and they can lead others to faith or turn them away. David chose his words carefully and as a result brought restoration between him and Saul.

Words are so powerful. In a matter of seconds David was able to undo a tremendous amount of rage, fear and jealousy in Saul. His words were not hollow though, they were backed up by action. David's refusal to take personal vengeance and his humility caused Saul to see not only David differently but also himself: "You are more righteous than I," he said. "You have treated me well, but I have treated you badly."

Then the remarkable admission: "you will surely be king".

The conflict between David and Saul did not end in hostility, but in humility and honor.

Do you speak words of humility, which bring honor?

Do your words melt hatred and anger?

What kind of affect are your words producing?

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