Monday, December 1, 2008

But, I have a right!

8 Then David went out of the cave and called out to Saul, "My lord the king!" When Saul looked behind him, David bowed down and prostrated himself with his face to the ground. 9 He said to Saul, "Why do you listen when men say, 'David is bent on harming you'? 10 This day you have seen with your own eyes how the LORD delivered you into my hands in the cave. Some urged me to kill you, but I spared you; I said, 'I will not lift my hand against my master, because he is the LORD's anointed.' 11 See, my father, look at this piece of your robe in my hand! I cut off the corner of your robe but did not kill you. Now understand and recognize that I am not guilty of wrongdoing or rebellion. I have not wronged you, but you are hunting me down to take my life. 12 May the LORD judge between you and me. And may the LORD avenge the wrongs you have done to me, but my hand will not touch you. 13 As the old saying goes, 'From evildoers come evil deeds,' so my hand will not touch you.

 14 "Against whom has the king of Israel come out? Whom are you pursuing? A dead dog? A flea? 15 May the LORD be our judge and decide between us. May he consider my cause and uphold it; may he vindicate me by delivering me from your hand." 1Samuel 24:8-15

Probably not the way I would have responded. Ok, so you didn't kill Saul, but if you'll just be quiet he'll leave and go away, you'll be safe.

Isn't that the way most of us handle our conflict? Ignore it and it will go away. David gives us another pattern.

Think about the person who is your enemy right now, do you:

  • Take the opportunity to destroy them when you get the chance?
  • Do you confront them? Even when they have more "ammunition" than you?
  • Do you bow down before them?
  • Do you state your case?
  • Do you ask the Lord to fight your battles? By the way I think this battle was just as impressive as the one against Goliath.
  • Do you lift a hand or a tongue for that matter against them?
  • Do you trust God for your deliverance?

David did. This is how he treated the man who had tried to kill him multiple times.

Is your enemy more significant?

"You don't understand what they've done to me!"

I would venture to say they haven't attempted murder 6 times like Saul.

Do you treat them this way?

"No, because I have a right to get revenge."


If you are a Christ follower, then at some point you committed
your life to Christ. Because He gave His life for you, you give your life to Him. When you do that, you give Him all your needs, your hurts and your rights. You say, "God, I give You all the rights to my life." They're really His in the first place. It's just acknowledging that. He gives you, in exchange, the right to become a child of God; to have your sins forgiven; a home called heaven; and a purpose for living. So there's an exchange there. So now if you're a Christian, your rights belong to God.

Will you trust God to fight your battles?

Will you surrender everything to Him, even your rights?

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