Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God’s gift

After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself. 1 Samuel 18:1

David was a man who was truly blessed by the Lord. I think if you were to ask David what his greatest blessing was, he would say his friendship with Jonathan. Jonathan was a true gift from God to young David. In fact, the very name "Jonathan" means "God's gift."

Ever had a friend who you thought was a true gift?

Jonathan loved David just as he was. Think about it! David was nobody from nowhere (shepherd boy, last one in line), but Jonathan saw something in little David that ignited love in his heart. He loved David just because he was David, and for no other reason!

Ever have someone love you for just being you?

The prince, who Jonathan was, loved the shepherd boy and his soul was "knit" with the soul of David. The word "knit" means "to tie, or to bind together", they were "needle and threaded together". There was nothing in David to cause this love to grow, yet it was there just the same.

Jonathan was strategically placed in David's life at the very time David needed a genuine friend. Jonathan proved to be the greatest and dearest friend that David would know in his entire life.

Think back over your friendship, was there someone who God placed in your life as a gift just when you needed them?

Jonathan not only saw David as a friend, but also as a man who would walk with God for many years. Their friendship was born in the presence of God and in the love of God; it stood the test of time. I've noticed in my walk with God He has placed significant friends in my life when He was asking me to take the next step in my journey. Taking that next step, sometimes means leaving the ones you love behind, I truly miss my "Jonathan's" I left back in Texas, But you really never leave those kinds of friends, they are with you where ever you go, at times you feel as if they are standing right next to you, you can hear their encouraging words, even if they are a thousand miles away.

God has brought new friends into my life, not to replace the others, you can't, but to walk alongside and encourage me in this next step.

Do you have a friend who you can speak openly about what God is doing in your heart? Who encourages you to be His child?

You see, as you pass through this life, you will make hundreds and even thousands of acquaintances; but you will have few real friends.

Who is needle and threaded to you?

Thank God for the gift they are!

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