Saturday, May 24, 2008

Keep up

Since I've been a little more active this week with my blogging, I thought I would give you some helpful information about how to subscribe tothis blog and a new feature I am using called twitter.

Basically, by subscribing, you're getting alerted every time there's a new post up instead of having to manually visit the website to see if I've posted something new.

Here are two ways you can keep up:

1) Use a Reader. Most blogs use RSS (Real Simple Syndication) "feeds" which can be aggregated together and displayed by what's known as an RSS or Feed Reader. Some examples of free readers are Bloglines, Google Reader, or most of the newer web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari) have readers built in. Readers make it much easier for you to organize the feeds of all of the blogs you follow. If this is something you'd like to explore, you can click on the links to the left of this post that say "subscribe".

2) Twitter. For those of you who use twitter…I recently started a twitter that you can follow at You can get text messages or instant messages each time something new is posted to twitter. If you don't use twitter, you can read more about it here , it is basically micro-blogging.

By using a reader or subscribing to your favorite blogs by email or twitter, you can save a ton of time…which can free up more of your time to interact with others or explore and learn from other blogs.


Stephen said...

Very nice!! I've been using Twitter for a little while now...pretty cool.

kris said...

i don't understand????