Wednesday, May 28, 2008

#3 - Spiritual Growth Is Incremental

We grow step by step, we need a process, a trail to follow, a sense of accomplishment.

Growth happens in steps, not overnight.  I Corinthians 3:18!  A baby has to learn to breathe, to eat, to walk, to talk…what is true physically is true spiritually.

You've got to know Christ before you can love Him.  You've got to love Him before you can serve Him.  You have to serve Him before you can share Him

Jesus is our model, how did he build disciples?

Come and see; low commitment level. But, he didn't leave them there. He kept turning up the heat

  • you're my disciple if you love other believers,
  • you're my diciple if your in my word,
  • you're my disciple if you feed my sheep,
  • you're my disciple if you deny yourself and pick up your cross and follow me;

He said that about three years into the ministry.

We live in the microwave society, we want it quick, but it's a long way from "come and see" to "come and die" – at least a three year process for Jesus and His disciples.

It would be pretty arrogant to think it could happen sooner for us, right?

Then, He says you're gonna hate your father and mother if you follow me and then, right before the cross he says "if you want to follow me you have to eat my flesh and drink my blood."

Many people followed him no more, it was too hard.

It's called a process, taking people from "come and see" to "eat my flesh and drink my blood", it doesn't happen overnight. It starts by getting to know him, falling in love with Him, and then your trust in Him will deepen.

What's your next step?

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