Monday, February 4, 2008

…pick up the towel

This past week near my hometown in Texas, members of a radical Kansas church planned to picket outside a Naval Air Station.

They were expected to carry signs that read "God Hates the Nation," and to thank God for the Jan. 16 helicopter crash that claimed the lives of three sailors based there. They believe God punished the officers because of the sins of the nation.

The church issued a press release, which reads "Thank God for navy copter crash in Texas, killing three."

I'm sure if you asked their members they would tell you that this is God's desire for them.

Well, it's not His desire for us at FOTH.

I believe his desire for us is to put down our picket signs and pick up a basin of water and towel to wash feet, then maybe the world would sit up and listen.

Or maybe they wouldn't. But either way we would be more like Jesus.

Matthew 20:28
John 13:3-5

People should know more about what we stand for, than what we are against.

Just my thoughts…

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