Thursday, July 31, 2008

1st Samuel 1-2

The thing that struck me most in Chapters 1& 2 is Hannah and her prayers.

Hannah prayed, her lips moved but no words were heard.

Think about how many times we want others to know how bad we have it. She only wanted God's attention, not sympathy from others. She also didn't go to the priests to meet God asking them to "pray for me". Hannah sought God herself and found Him.

She prayed and "God began making the necessary arrangements in response to what she had asked." I'm still amazed that God responds to what I ask for. But she believed God's promises even when she hadn't received them yet.

And as she prayed directly from her heart, God gave her a glimpse of things to come (2:10). At the time Israel had no king, but her words point to the King of kings who will reign forever.

Hannah's prayers reveal her heart, her knowledge of God, her devotion to Him and her obedience in keeping the vows she had made to the Lord.

And finally Hannah releases her treasure to the Lord rather than clinging on to him.

What an incredible foundation for Samuel to start off with!


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