Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My hometown is a soap opera right now, no really!

The former sheriff has been indicted for trying to have sex with a teenage boy at gun point; the former city attorney, police chief, mayor, and police Lt. are being sued for interfering with a criminal investigation; and the District Attorney has an all out war with the Sheriff's Office, Police and local paper, which has caused chaos and a petition to recall him.

I read this morning that a group of "concerned citizens" is starting a petition to recall the city council for voting to provide a portion of the legal defense for these city officials.

Here's what got me – a spokesperson for the group said "the group doesn't have a date in mind for the recall and charter change election. We're talking about petitioning in cooler weather."

Cooler weather?

If you truly believe strongly about something and have a conviction to make changes aren't you willing to step out of your comfort zone to make sure they happen?

Isn't that just like us, we want change without sacrifice and oh, heaven forbid we should have to suffer!

But suffering is an essential part of the Christian life; we seem to have forgotten that.

I will suffer. I must suffer. My hope is that I'll be prepared to suffer for the glory of Christ and not worry about a little sweat running down my brow!

Here is a great talk about suffering by
John Piper

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