Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Week - Wednesday

It's Wednesday morning and if you are one of the disciples you can't seem to get the stories that Jesus told last night out of your head.

He told stories about wise and evil slaves; bridesmaids and wedding guest; servants entrusted with talents (money); sheep and goats, all things that are familiar to you.

But, "what is He trying to tell me?"

You start replaying the conversations in your head and you are reminded how the conversation got started, someone asked about the coming of the end.

What do all these have to do with that?

You start putting the pieces together, almost like a puzzle one piece at a time.

"Be ready."
"Keep looking with anticipation for His return."
"Many will miss it because they weren't ready."
"Am I faithful?"
"What did I do with what I have been given?"
"I've got to be about His business!"

The pieces are fitting together, you start to see the picture in the puzzle; it's Him in all His splendor, He's coming back!

Do you live with that kind of anticipation, as a bride anxiously awaiting her wedding day? Or, is it something you rarely, if ever think about?

Are you more about your "bucket list" or the return of our King?

There's a change coming, don't miss it!

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