Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday - Guest Blog

Today is Palm Sunday
Today is the day Jesus traveled to Jerusalem by horse back. As he came down the road from the Mount of Olives a whole crowd of disciples praised god by screaming Hosanna, Praise the Lord, Blessed is the king, Peace in Heaven and glory in the highest. Some of the Pharisees in the crowd asked Jesus to "rebuke the crowd". Jesus replied "If they keep quit,the stones will cry out"

Altough I don't know if the stones would truley have cried out, I think the point was you can't stop what is by Gods' design. All of Gods' creatures were made to worship,plants, animals, and people.
Trees sway in the breeze, coyotes howl at the moon, birds sing songs, stars shine brightly in the sky, and Mountains reach for the Heavens, all praises to God.
All by His design.
People are also designed to worship. The difference is we have been given the ablity to choose who or what we will, sucess, fame, sex, etc... or GOD


Steve is one of my close friends who has learned to walk the narrow road. Thanks Steve for your insights and your friendship!

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