Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This vehicle stops @ all RR Xings

God gave me a great sermon illustration in my stupidity!

We decided to bring the Waverunner with us to Florida instead of selling it, but I wasn't too excited about pulling it the 900 miles. I strapped it down good (you know the bumps on I-10 through LA) and off we went. Tami was behind me in her call and while driving on Hwy 59 in Houston she called to tell me the license plate was about to fall off. I pulled off and put it back on, well where we pulled off there wasn't an easy way back on to 59. We meandered our way down some side streets until way came to a 5 way stop. It was really a regular intersection, but the “light rail” came across it at an angle.

Well, I had seen the train off of my right shoulder and stopped at the red light behind the white line and the RR crossing arm. The light turned green and I looked at the train and it was not moving, thought “okay, he's waiting on me” and I preceded to enter the intersection only to hear a thud on my roof and ding, ding, ding, and it hit me I was a ding-dong!

The crossing arm (the real heavy type) had come down on top of my truck, and I'm stuck, you see if I pull forward it falls into the bed of my truck crushing the surfboard that was back there or gets stuck between the truck and waverunner. So I'm sitting there looking like an idiot to the people on the train, the people in the cars around me, my wife who is behind me and did I mention to the cop who was across the intersection! So I sit there stuck waiting on someone to come to my rescue. I can't do anything.

I see the police car back up and start to come to my aid and the thought hit license plate is expired! Not only am I an idiot, but I'm going to get a ticket!!! Well, before the police officer could get there the train driver decided he had enough laughter and proceeded through the intersection and the arm lifted! I was stuck and he came to my rescue.

Wow, how many people out there are stuck in life and waiting for someone to come to their rescue!!! God has called us to be the light in a dark world and show them 'THE WAY' out of a stuck life!

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